Basics: Monetizing your web site

How to earn revenue from your site. Selling products or content on the Internet. Different advertising systems.

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Written by Javier García on March 13th, 2006 with 3 comments.
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Though there are many people offering their content for free, maybe (surely if you are reading this) you are one of those willing to make a profit from your web site. You might want to make a living from your Internet experience, or just to generate an extra income instead. In any case there are several ways to earn money with your site.

Selling products

Electronic commerce is the most obvious way to generate revenue from your site. Of course you need something to sell, and the Internet is not the best marketplace for all products. To succeed selling you need to:

If you meet no one of those conditions, probably selling on the Internet isn’t the best option for you, unless you give some added value or you can afford a huge marketing campaign.

Even in case you meet any of the conditions before, that isn’t a success guarantee; there are still other factors that can ruin your plans such as a poor design, a bad site usability (specially in the purchase process) or a lack of promotion.

Selling online content

Selling intangible products (or services) over the Internet is often easier than selling material ones due to the ease and convenience of the purchase and the lack of distribution channels.

There is a wide range of qualified content to be sold: text (news, information, opinion…), pictures, audio, video, downloadable software… The payment basis also varies: subscription fees, pay-per-item…

Again the big competition is the main problem you’ll have to face, so make sure that you:

Selling advertising

If you are not selling a certain product or service, then you can sell advertising. This model will fit most people as it is pretty much easier to generate free content of any kind and sell space on your site than to offer any sellable item.

While there are many sites built with the only purpose of [/tag]monetizing[tag] it through advertisements (and there are a few very profitable), this is not a wise long-term strategy. You should develop a serius, professional, content-rich web site, analyze your audience and find the most suitable advertising from among the many available alternatives:

Let people know your opinion

Leave your comment below and give your opinion on these topics: Do you know any other web monetization method? What advertising system works best for you?

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Written by Javier García on March 13th, 2006 with 3 comments.
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#1. December 15th, 2006, at 4:26 AM.

Other great way to monetize website is to add eBay affiliate program. This program can be configured just like Google Adsense where you can modify to eBay section as per the theme of you website.

I’ve seen great potential in the program when promoting in one of my blog. Say for example if your website/blog is about pets you can chose eBay to display only auctions for pets category. This way it is highly targeted and more chances of converting into sale.

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#2. December 18th, 2006, at 2:33 AM.

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#3. December 30th, 2006, at 9:49 AM.

web site affiliate program: web site affiliate program

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