About this site

Monetizing the Web is a weblog devoted to explaining concepts and offering advice on a wide range of web-related topics. These are covered from a commercial point of view, through detailed articles on how to increase the success and profitability of any web site:

Experimentation and participation

This site uses its own tips, so the weblog itself is both a measure of its effectiveness and a practical way of experimentation. Comments from users play also an important part in accomplishing this task and are used to extend the articles information.

Not just weblogs

To make it clear, Monetizing the Web won’t be focused exclusively on weblogs, though the blogging world will be thoroughly represented in this site due to its importance as content management system and current means of communication.

About the author

Javier García is a Spanish web designer, programmer and marketer who started using his knowledge in the web development area to work on his own projects and make a living of it.

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